Wednesday, May 18, 2005

German Spam

Some of you have been getting innundated with German emails. This is not "spam" in the usual sense, which is an advertiser blanketing you with emails, but is rather the result of a modified Email virus.

This article on PC World talks about it.

There is a class of email viruses that infect your computer, searches your computer for email addresses, and then sends itself to these email addresses. McAfee's Virus Information Library calls it Sober.p -- here is the link to the info.

Those of you that are up to date on your anti-virus files and Windows patches only get annoyed by the spam from your infected neighbor. Those of you who do not have adequate anti-virus controls may be the ones sending the spam!

So, if you are getting flooded with these German spam messages, this is the cause, and it will die down once this virus gets under control.