Friday, January 28, 2005

Feed access to this Blog

"Can you Email me when you do a new post or is there a way to sign up to be notified through when you post something new?" Signed: Perplexed Realtor in Hawaii

Dear Perplexed,

If you notice on the right, over there, a little "XML" icon. That contains the address of our news feed for this blog ( This allows a news reader or news-enabled e-mail client to read this Blog like a news item.

There are a number of news readers around. You can use the "Live Bookmarks" feature of the Firefox web browser (more about Firefox in another entry). You can access news feeds in "My Yahoo" (which is pretty cool). You can access them using the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail reader. Or, you can use a dedicated news reader, like Sharp Reader or Feed Reader.

Then, when a message is added to the blog, you will know!