Sunday, January 23, 2005


Hello and welcome to "Ask Uncle Mark." This Web Log (which is what "blog" is short for) allows me to help people with their computers, both laptop and desktop. I plan on covering a number of areas, from simple advice (always use a firewall, for example), to lengthy posts about various aspects of computerdom.

I chose "Ask Uncle Mark" as the name of this, because people have always asked me advice on what to do with their computers, going back well over twenty years, and my name is Mark. I was going to have a more official sounding name, but really, I want it to be friendly and personal. Ask me, Uncle Mark. I am putting in place an email address where you can send questions, which I will answer (if possible) here, for the benefit of all. My thinking is, if you have a question about something, so do a number of people; hence, the Ann Landers approach.

I want this to be a place where people can get information about using their personal computer, whether it is a laptop or desktop, or whether it is for business or personal use. It is about you and your family's and your business's experience and relationship with the computer and the internet.

Thanks for looking in, and keep an eye out for new posts.